Updates On Charlotte Flair, Braun Strowman & Darby Allin!!!

 Updates On Charlotte Flair, Braun Strowman & Darby Allin!!!

Hi Wrestle Talk Fans! I want to say Thank You for all the emails that were sent in last week. I really appreciate the love and support you have shown me and the newspaper. Next week will be the last column, and my email will still be open for you, our readers, who have any questions or thoughts. Let’s dive right into some wrestling news!

We have an update on WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair who has been on the injury list as of last year. She has recently stated that her recovery is going very well, and she is well into the nine-month recovery time given to her by the doctors. She has stuck to her doctor’s strict schedule and can foresee her come back after the nine-month period. We wish her continued success with her recovery.

We also have news on WWE Superstar Braun Strowman who is also on the injury list but is scheduled to return to in-ring action very soon. Rumors have it that he might return as part of Bo Dallas potential return as Uncle Howdy. If these rumors are true, I’m very excited to see this storyline unfold.

AEW Superstar Darby Allin has recently revealed that he was in an accident and suffered an injury while he is currently on injury leave from AEW. He was struck by a bus while in New York City and suffered a broken nose. We wish Darby a speedy recovery from all his injuries.

Staying with AEW, former Heavyweight Champion MJF was reportedly scheduled to return last month (March). He has been in talks with AEW owner Tony Khan. I’m looking forward to seeing MJF come back to AEW. He has a lot of unfinished business.

New Japan Pro Wrestling has announced its annual Dontaku Live Event in Fukuoka, Japan and Night 1 Main Event will feature IWGP Gobal Champion Nic Nemeth (Formerly Dolph Ziggler) going up against Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. For fans interested in watching this event, they can go to NJPW World on the web. I feel that Nic Nemeth will beat Takahashi to retain his championship.

The Question of the Week comes from John C. in Arverne By The Sea, and he asked, “I recently saw the Bray Wyatt documentary and wanted to know your thoughts?” Hi John, I actually liked the Bray Wyatt documentary. I felt it definitely told the story of Bray Wyatt as an entertainer and as the family man. He undoubtedly made the Bray Wyatt character very successful. I myself can appreciate his dedication to the character, and I feel whatever plans the WWE has for the Bo Dallas return, they meet up to the standard Bray Wyatt set. I appreciate the efforts it took to bring the Bray Wyatt character to life, and I love how it captivated the fans. Thanks for the question!

My email will remain open to any who may have any questions or thoughts, they would like to share, and talk about. The email is eavil183@yahoo.com, and thank you again to all the supporters of Wrestle Talk!

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