Views on the Migrant Crisis

 Views on the Migrant Crisis

Dear Editor:

New York’s migrant crisis is getting out of hand and is slowly making its way to our community. The Rockaway Republican Club has taken note of this issue and wants to make it known that we as an organization strongly oppose the proposed plans to set up migrant housing in nearby Floyd Bennett Field. Rockaway cannot be a dumping ground for the overflow of migrants crowding the nearby cities and counties. Throwing migrants onto federal land will not solve the issue at hand, merely postpone the inevitable chaos that is to follow.

Already in NYC we are seeing surges in long eradicated diseases like smallpox, polio, measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis and many other serious illnesses. New Yorkers are lucky that the outbreaks have not gotten larger, but luck won’t keep disease or chaos at bay. We need to stand together as a community and make it known to our local politicians that our lives are their priority, not their public perception as charitable benefactors.

The Rockaway Republican Club wants to be absolutely clear: we stand for legal immigration into our fine nation (legal immigration as defined by entry through the designated ports of entry set throughout the United States). We also understand that the majority of these migrants are good, honest people who seek to escape the poor circumstances of their former countries, but that does not mean we can allow free reign for lawlessness, nor does it mean that we can continue to take on the burden of caring for more of them. Already the current illegal immigrants occupying our state will cost us 12 billion dollars up until the year 2025! New Yorkers are already experiencing difficult financial burdens as it is, why add to it? We ask that every elected official, both Democrat and Republican, in NY stand against Joe Biden and Kathy Hochul’s disastrous open border immigration policies. It is time to think of New Yorkers first.

Katie Larkin
Rockaway Republican Club

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