Vote for Change at DBP

 Vote for Change  at DBP

Dear Editor:

As you may be aware, Dayton Beach Park # 1 Corp, has not had an election for the Board of Director in nearly 10 years.

Election Day for a new Board of Directors is less than a week away. Many of the shareholders may have already exercised their right to vote via mail-in-ballot. Others will vote in person on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in 8600 Shore Front Parkway.

Dayton Beach Shareholders, no matter how you choose to cast your ballot, know that you are playing a critical role in bringing back EQUALITY and LIBERTY for all Shareholders to Dayton Beach Park #1 Corporation. Shareholders, please make your voices heard, particularly with an election with such extraordinarily high stakes. We the CANDIDATES FOR CHANGE who are running for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS are confident and proud that you will fulfill your right to vote. Together we can make change.

Enough of EMPTY PROMISES and FAILED LEADERSHIP coming from the current Board of Directors of Dayton Beach Park. Many of us have been living in Dayton Beach Park for a long time and have seen a lot of changes and this current Board of Directors has taken away our voices. They neglect to hold the management company accountable for their treatment of the shareholders. Additionally, the current Board of Directors policy making procedures are devoid of any democratic process.

Now it’s time to be heard and cast your vote for change in Dayton Beach Park #1


Alex Verbitsky, Grace Miller, Joanne Larcheveque, Patricia Mccabe, Minzalia Platonova, Jeffrey Gross, Irene Finley, Caren Dawkins, Robert Gallagher, Kevin Flaherty, Edwin Perez, Cathleen Norton, Bianca Malcaus, Karen Mckeon and Gleb Fomin

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