By Robin Shapiro

Welcome back to our few returning “snowbirds” from their winter hiatus. Welcome also to the many families who join us just for the summer – including seasonal rentals (I have rented a few of them this year).

It can be harder to sell real estate during the summer due to vacations by buyers and sellers alike. Summer activities can occupy people instead of allowing them to focus on the home sale process. Some sellers are reluctant to sell during the summer because they enjoy the aforementioned activities and don’t want to give them up so fast. On the other hand, the draw of our beaches, swimming, cycling, running, surfing, organized teams (little league, volleyball league, basketball tournaments, etc.) for kids and adults does bring people here who may have interest in Rockaway real estate.

Sellers should KEEP IN MIND that most sales take at least THREE MONTHS to close.

Therefore, a June sale could easily close in September or October.

This Sunday, June 18 is Father’s Day, and Monday, June 19 is JUNETEENTH, which is now a federal holiday. Federal offices including the Post Office will be closed. The stock market will be closed. Most banks and schools will be closed. Most major restaurants, grocery and retail stores will remain open. Have a great holiday weekend! Call me. Love, Robin.


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