Wrestle Talk: Bray Wyatt Returns!

 Wrestle Talk:  Bray Wyatt Returns!

So, this past week at the WWE Extreme Rules Live Event, what we have been talking about for months has finally come true. Bray Wyatt Is Back! All of the sudden, the lights turned off in the entire arena and a voice came over singing “he has the whole world in his hands” and various characters from Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse Show started popping up throughout the arena, and then you see a masked man come out with a lantern and then he takes the mask off to reveal Bray Wyatt!

Yes, Bray Wyatt has made his return to the WWE and the way it was done was absolutely perfect! This left fans in pure amazement. Now that he is back, we have to ask the question, who will be part of his faction? We have seen the hashtag “Wyatt6” now and it’s leading us to believe that he will possibly add six new members to his stable. Will Alexa Bliss return with Bray Wyatt? Will top superstars like Seth Rollins join his faction? The list of names is huge, and the opportunities are endless at this point. I have read some negative backlash to Bray’s return with some saying his whole gimmick is horrible and people just don’t buy into it. I’m sure you have heard me say this many times before…wrestling is a form of entertainment! When you are watching a wrestling show, well, that’s exactly what you are doing—watching a show. It’s the opportunity to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the stories being told. Too many people forget to do that and overthink about what they are watching. Wrestling is meant to be enjoyed not to be overanalyzed.

Bray Wyatt portrays a supernatural character, similar to Friday the 13th’s “Jason” or Nightmare on Elm Street’s “Freddy.” We, watch to see the story unfold and see what’s going to happen next. I, for one am very happy he is back and I look forward to seeing what Bray Wyatt’s storyline has to offer.

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