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At this past Monday’s RAW televised show, we saw the debut of two NXT Superstars as they move up to the main roster. We saw Joe Gacy go against Cedric Alexander and Zoey Starks vs Dana Brooke on the Main Event televised show. Congrats to both of them!

We have reports of an apparent backstage incident that happened after the WWE Survivor Series live premium event. The incident involved Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, and it allegedly started with Roman Reigns being unhappy with an unplanned spot that took place during the match. This led to a yelling altercation between the two superstars, but reports state the situation never got physical between them. These are just reports and we are still trying to confirm the entire incident. We will keep you posted.

All Elite Wrestling Superstar Andrade El Idolo has revealed via his Twitter account that he has undergone surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle. This was his first surgery, as he indicated, which leads us to believe there may be more follow up surgery. But we will keep you posted on his progress and return back to AEW.

We have news on another injured wrestler, this time from WWE. Superstar Randy Orton had suffered a back injury and has been off TV since this past May 2022. It was reported that he had surgery last week, with an unknown timeline when he would possibly return back to performing. But, this past week, his father Bob Orton stated that Randy was doing very well with his recovery and we may see him back in action very soon.

The Question of the Week comes from Jessica R. in Rockaway Beach, and she asked, “Do you happen to have any updates on Big E’s return back to the WWE?” Jessica, at this time, Big E is still healing up from his broken neck injury. But while he recovers, he has been assigned an ambassador position with the WWE’s Recruitment and Development Program. As he works and shares his experiences with college athletes trying out to become WWE Superstars, we will post more information on Big E as we receive it. Thank you for your question, Jessica!

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