WrestleTalk Is Coming To An End

 WrestleTalk Is Coming To An End

Hey fans! welcome to another week of WrestleTalk! I want to start by saying that it’s been an absolute pleasure to have been able to write the WrestleTalk Column for this great newspaper. There will be another 2 columns in the following weeks. Thank you to all the readers who have supported and sent in emails. I will miss you all…again, thank you.

The WWE has recently released 5 superstars from their contracts. We have learned that Veer, Sangamon, Xyon Quinn and Jinder Mahal were all released from the company on April 19. It’s also reported that Von Wagner was also let go from the promotion. We are not sure why these releases have happened, if they were part of budget cuts or if the WWE did not have any creative positions for them.

We have received reports that former Major League Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu has signed a deal with the WWE. This is definitely another big signing, as Jacob Fatu is part of the Anoai Family, who are related to members of The Bloodline. Will we see Jacob Fatu join the Bloodline soon? We will have to wait and see.

We have an update on AEW Superstar Matt Hardy who has declined a new contract to stay with the company but has recently appeared on the TNA PPV “Rebellion” and attacked TNA World Champion Moose. Matt has stated that he is still in talks with AEW, and wants to continue working for them, but both sides have not come to any terms as of yet.

It’s been announced that New AEW TBS Champion Willow Nightingale will be defending her newly won championship against Mercedes Mone at the AEW Live Premium Event “Double of Nothing” on May 26. It’s interesting to note that Mercedes Mone has not wrestled a match since debuting for the company on March 16. But Mercedes Mone and Willow Nightingale are no strangers to each other, as they both last wrestled each other in New Japan Pro Wrestling last year. This is going to be a great match to see.

The Question of The Week comes from Felix R. in Far Rockaway, and he asked, “During a recent interview, CM Punk stated that when he got injured working for AEW, they never paid his medical expenses. Is AEW supposed to pay for any injury a wrestler gets while working for them?” Hi Felix, the answer is yes, the promotion is supposed to pay for any injury suffered while working for the promotion. Now, while I have no reason to doubt CM Punk’s claim, I would like to see him give AEW the bill, and get reimbursed for all his medical expenses. I hope this is something that can be worked out. Thank you for the question!

If you have a question or comment, please send it to eavil183@yahoo.com, and have a great weekend!

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