Wrestling Star Updates & More

 Wrestling Star Updates & More

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day! Now, it’s time to get back into some “Good Ole Wrastling!” Let’s dive right into it!
Some of you may have been wondering, “where has Bray Wyatt been???” Well, he was taken off television this past February due to an illness and currently he has not been cleared to return to work. In addition, there are no current creative plans for him according to reports. We will keep you posted.
WWE Superstar Becky Lynch has reportedly suffered another injury and is being pulled from TV to allow for recovery time. The injury is reported as not serious, and she is expected to be back very soon.
As previously reported here by Wrestle Talk, AEW has released their first video game called “Fight Forever” on June 29, 2023, and sales of the game have reportedly been doing well. AEW owner Tony Khan has said he is very happy with how the game came out, and he was very instrumental in the development of the game. Tony reportedly had numerous production meetings with the game’s development team. He even provided voiceover for the game. Any Wrestle Talk fan who has purchased the game, please share your experience by emailing us.
Staying with AEW, we previously reported that former WWE Superstar Chris Hero has been working as a backstage producer for AEW, with the Ring of Honor Brand. He recently shared his experience with POST Wrestling saying, “The coaching/producing aspect is something that I really enjoy.” Chris is a well-traveled veteran of the sport and is very well respected. We wish him much success in his new position.
So, it’s been a little over four weeks now that the AEW Collision Show has debuted, and many people were excited to see the return of CM Punk. Some news has come out about his return and current responsibilities, and it all seems very positive. According to PWTorch, CM Punk is taking his role as a locker room leader seriously. I am a CM Punk fan and wish him the best as he works with others to make the Collision Show a success!
The question of the week comes from Jimmy O, in Five Towns, LI and he said, “I really enjoy LA Knight and was wondering, will the WWE continue to use him properly or do you think they will fail?” Great question, Jimmy! Right now, I feel they are using and promoting him properly. He is a favorite of the fans and his segment with Hit Row, which did not appear on TV, but it did on YouTube, drew over one million views. But this is the WWE, we are talking about, and they are known to drop the ball with many top stars. I hope they continue to push him.
If you have a question or comment please send it to eavil183@yahoo.com  and have a great weekend!

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