Your Inner Sanctuary

 Your Inner Sanctuary

By Jennifer Kelleher

Inside each and every one of us exists a sanctuary of stillness and peace. I invite you to pause and allow for a few belly breaths. Let your mind take a break from trying to keep all of the pieces of your life in order and land your focus inside of your body, inside of the layers, on the full and loving breath. Allow a series of deep belly breaths to encourage a gentle opening in your creative center, located at the Sacral Chakra beneath the navel. Feel a cumulation of ease and grace with each full breath you take. At this moment, there is nothing to do and nowhere to go– be right here. Let go, again and again. Land in this moment, again and again. Allow this moment, exactly as it is, to be perfect.

The more we intentionally come into the sacred space inside of our bodies, the more we begin to effortlessly live from this place. When our focus is outside of ourselves, we are likely to experience stress, burnout, and feeling like we are being dragged through life. However, if we keep just one eye on the inside, we can move through life from a much more centered, gathered, grounded place. This focus allows us to feel put together and experience greater ease and grace in our endeavors.

The sacred and still space in our bodies never ceases to exist, and it holds everything the mind thinks it lacks. No matter if the mind is looking for patience or peace, connection or belonging, joy or delight, it can all be found within the borders of our own bodies. Sometimes, old trauma and programming locks us in a lack mentality, making it difficult for us to access what we need. In these situations, I find it helpful to meet myself where I am and shift my focus onto feeling love and compassion for the human parts of me that are thinking or feeling the lack, pain, or discomfort. Over time, this love and compassion breaks down the barriers that have been keeping the mind closed off from the natural abundance that we are.

We have billions of bits of information rising within us every millisecond. For the mind to receive some of this wisdom in a way that is useful for us as human beings, we first and foremost have to be grounded and centered. To live to our potential, the centers of consciousness that we call chakras have to communicate with one another. If the upper chakras are open and balanced, but the lower ones are clogged and blocked, the “ah-ha’s” that may come will be fleeting and feel like they are ungraspable.

In my understanding and experience, the manifest lives we walk through are greatly shaped by our inner state. I find that the more I can remember that I am the soulful one in a body and focus my mind on being that (spirit embodied) — in other words, the more I can land my mind on the sacredness within – the more my body and life takes the shape of my innate perfection.

In closing for today, every time we feel scattered is an opportunity to gather. Slow down, find the breath, use the breath, and gently land in your sacred space. We invite you to join us at the beautiful Ocean Bliss Yoga sanctuary for a multitude of classes and workshops. Browse our offerings and register at New workshops offered each month. All are welcome. Call or text me (Jen) at 917-318-1168 with any questions.

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