Your Questions???

 Your Questions???

This week we will answer your questions. I want to thank everyone that has been sending in questions. I truly appreciate it. Keep them coming!

The first Question of the Week comes from Joel H. in Far Rockaway, and he asked, “Is CM Punk really fired from All Elite Wrestling or is it another wrestling storyline?” Hi Joel, yes, it is true, CM Punk was terminated for getting into an altercation with Jack Perry “aka Jungle Boy,” backstage at the All In Event in London. AEW just recently announced that he was terminated from his contract with cause by Nick Khan, the owner and CEO of All Elite Wrestling. Now, time will tell where CM Punk may end up next or if he finally retires from pro wrestling. Thanks for the question!

The second Question of the Week comes from Tiffany Hou in Rockaway Park, and she said, “I heard WWE Superstar Dakota Kai was injured. Do you know when she is expected back?” Hi Tiffany, we have been told that she should be cleared early next year, 2024. There are some reports out there that are saying she is scheduled to return in January 2024. Dakota suffered a torn ACL and hasn’t been on TV wrestling since May 12, 2023. If we receive any further information on Dakota, we will make sure to let you and everyone know. Thanks for the question!

The third Question of the Week comes from Bobby H. in Arverne By The Sea, and he asked, “I have heard numerous stories about Vince McMahon, some good and some bad. Do you have any stories about him?” Well, Bobby, I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. McMahon during a backstage taping of RAW in Brooklyn, where I was an extra, and played one of the officers that drove Mr. McMahon in the police car. Anytime I have seen him, he was always busy and talking with people. He seems like a serious man and can come off intimidating. I have my own opinions about him, and the WWE as a whole, but I know of many wrestlers who hated Vince, while many other liked him. Thanks for the question!

The fourth and final Question is from Johnny L. in Bayswater, and he asked, “I’m hearing rumors and reading reports of a possible Ronda Rousey return to the WWE. Is this true?” Hi Johnny, I have to say no, it’s not true. I have not heard or read anything regarding a Ronda Rousey possible return. The last time we checked, Ronda has moved on with her family, and is looking to get into more TV shows and movies. If we hear anything else about her, we will let you know.

If you have a question or comment, please send it to and have a great weekend!

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