By Robin Shapiro

We were discussing my father-in-law’s exploits during WWII. It was tough times with 16 million serving in the armed forces out of a population of 133 million. Dad was drafted in early 1941, before we were at war. He returned on a hospital ship six months after the war ended. He served in the Signal Corp, 9th Infantry Division, which participated in almost every major battle of the European theater. Call me if you want to hear some interesting war stories.

General McAuliffe’s famous response to a German surrender ultimatum at The Battle of the Bulge (dad was there) was “NUTS”! This reminds me of my response to some stuff in Rockway. Some brokers are SO DESPERATE for listings that they promise sellers ridiculous prices. THEN, when the properties languish, they get these sellers to drop the prices by 150k or more, and they make a BIG SHOW of lowering the price!

If I were the seller, I’d be upset with this “bait and switch.” Such brokers deserve to get flak from ALL their sellers.  It incorrectly gives buyers the impression that there’s BIG room in ALL this broker’s listings.  Isn’t taking listings at silly prices crazy? NUTS! Call me. Love, Robin


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