Breaking Bread & a Bid Farewell to Fabara

 Breaking Bread & a Bid Farewell to Fabara

By Katie McFadden

On Wednesday, August 30, the 100th Precinct invited some of the key players from the peninsula to gather in one place to break bread. Simultaneously, the gathering served as a farewell to Deputy Inspector Carlos Fabara, who will be moving on from the precinct as he moves up the ranks in his NYPD career.

Civic leaders, elected officials, religious leaders, nonprofit leaders, 100th Precinct Community Council members and others from the community were invited to the precinct for a backyard get together to enjoy food, conversation and to share laughs and memories. The guests reflected the community members that DI Fabara has helped foster close connections with since he came to the precinct in 2020. Fabara regularly held meetings with various community leaders to find ways to work together for the betterment of the community.

DI Fabara kicked off the evening saying, “Today we gather to share laughter, to share stories, and of course to share some food, but we also are here to reaffirm the bonds that bring us together as friends, as neighbors and as partners. The act of breaking bread, I think, is important because it’s a universal gesture of sharing and of nourishment, so as we share a little bit of ourselves today, we also hope to nourish the bonds that we have with the people that are here representing the community. Each and every one of you brings something to this community that makes it the vibrant and special place that it is. So, for all that you do, thank you. It is always our honor and our pleasure to serve and protect the Rockaway community and so tonight we serve you again.”

As the guests enjoyed catered food, they listened to speeches and presentations from the 100th Precinct’s Domestic Violence and Crime Prevention officers who provided tips and resources for the community. Ozzie Edwards, a longtime member of the 100th Precinct Community Council, acknowledged the significance of having so many prominent, hardworking members of the community together in one space. “There’s a lot of heavy hitters here. I’ve seen you all do amazing things for the community. What you do in this community is going to help move this community forward. It doesn’t take one person, it’s all of us. It feels good to see good people doing good things among all the chaos going on.”

DI Fabara was followed by a slew of speakers who thanked him in return, as it was announced that he will soon be moving on from the 100th Precinct after serving the community for three years. It was not announced what his next steps are, when exactly he will be leaving, or who his official replacement will be, but the focus of the evening was everything Fabara has accomplished as the 100th Precinct’s commander.

Most impressively, as mentioned by his former neighbor, Pastor Even Gray of Macedonia Baptist Church in Arverne, is where Fabara came from. “He is a product of Hammel Houses,” Rev. Gray said. “And to come here to the same community that you grew up in, and serve as well as you’ve done with distinction and honor and class, he’s got to be the smoothest guy I know. With all that might’ve come out of Hammel Housing, there’s a shining light that came out of 82-01 that is shining bright today and as you continue to rise up the ranks in the NYPD, there’s no telling where you’ll reach. What I know is when you get there, you’re going to make it better than it was.”

100th Precinct Community Affairs Officer Victor Boamah, who also grew up in Far Rockaway, also celebrated Fabara’s success story. “Tonight is breaking bread, but we wanted to celebrate you from growing up in the Hammels to becoming a deputy inspector. I grew up in Far Rockaway and many of us didn’t make it. Sometimes you don’t want to share your story, but these stories need to be told. From growing up in the Hammels to becoming a deputy inspector is a big, big accomplishment. Growing up in Far Rockaway is tough but you overcame it, and your story needs to be heard and shared,” Boamah said. “From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will miss you.”

Speeches and acknowledgements were also given by Queens South Commanding Officer Kevin Williams, Community Board 14 Chairperson Dolores Orr, 100th Precinct Community Council President Kathy Heavey, longtime Community Council Member Ozzie Edwards, Lieutenant Turner, Community Affairs Officer Lauren Haber, Eric Peterson of NYC Parks, local religious leaders and more. Elected officials Councilwoman Selvena Brooks-Powers and Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato presented DI Fabara with city and state citations, recognizing his service to the community and Councilwoman Joann Ariola presented Fabara with a special cake made for the occasion by her Chief of Staff Phyllis Inserillo.

DI Fabara ended the evening saying, “Tomorrow is 25 years since I joined the NYPD, and serving as commander of the 100th Precinct is easily the thing I’m most proud of. It’s been the honor of my career to serve you folks and work alongside of you. As a Precinct CO, you do two things—you take credit when things go well, and you take the blame when things go bad and I’ve had a pretty successful run here, which is a testament to the hard work of all of you folks in the precinct. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for helping me make this a success and I appreciate all of the support. I will never forget you guys.”

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