Anna Palmer Brings Breast Cancer Awareness

 Anna Palmer Brings Breast Cancer Awareness

Anna Palmer is a community member and a strong activist for Breast Cancer Awareness. She tirelessly goes to events to encourage people in the community to get their mammogram. Most recently, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, she held an event at the Community Serenity Garden (30-15 Seagirt Blvd) on October 16 to raise awareness for breast cancer and domestic violence.

Palmer’s family has a history of breast cancer. She took care of her aunt who had to have a double mastectomy an ultimately passed away. Unfortunately, Anna herself now suffers with a blood disease / leukemia.

However, Palmer is a force to be reckoned with. Despite her own ailments, she never stops caring for others. Her passion for helping people and her faith is evident. She continues to do charity walks and has her own organization called Baby Luv Inc. Through Baby Luv she holds events and sends the donations she receives to the American Cancer Foundation. The Baby Luv logo even has a great message. It consists of angel wings around the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons, to remember those lost to the disease and the celebrate the progress we are making together to defeat breast cancer. The angel wings are also in honor of her daughter, who at ten years old, died in her sleep. At the event on October 16, she sold t-shirts with the logo, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. The event also included inspirational speakers and community resources.

Palmer has also partnered with the American Italian Cancer foundation to help sign up women for mammograms, and to make sure they follow up after their appointment. She also wants to remind people that St John’s Episcopal Hospital also has a mammogram machine at their new women’s center. “It’s just important to receive early detection for survival,” Palmer said. “It doesn’t matter where we go just as long as we get tested.”  Her ultimate motto is “We must protect the breast because Mom’s milk is the best.”

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