Assault on 102nd Street

A reader called The Rockaway Times on Wednesday, October 19 to let people know about an assault on a relative that took place on Beach 102nd Street on Monday, October 10.

The victim was walking from Beach 116th to a bodega on Beach 100th Street on the night of Monday, October 10 when he was assaulted. Originally thought to be a stabbing or slashing due to his injuries, video evidence gave the full picture. As he was approaching the store on Rockaway Beach Boulevard, a black man wearing a leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet allegedly came running from Beach 101st and shoved the victim into a street pole near Beach 102nd. Once he was down, he proceeded to punch the victim and attempted to rob him until a distraction sent him running off in the opposite direction.

The victim was rushed to Brookdale Hospital to be treated. His facial and head injuries required 24 stitches and a tube in his head to drain fluid. He additionally suffered from two black eyes and a swollen lip. The victim was released from the hospital on Wednesday evening. The suspect has not been apprehended and this is an ongoing investigation.

The reader wanted to share news of this incident to spread awareness about possible dangers around Beach 102nd Street. She said when the victim was released on Wednesday, shortly after, a Citizen app alert popped up about a stabbing in the same vicinity. “People need to be aware of this and stay aware of their surroundings,” the reader said.

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