Change Needed Up Top

 Change Needed Up Top

Dear Editor:

I was happy to see a large turnout at the meeting of both the Belle Harbor and Neponsit property owners associations. I would like to thank Councilwoman Joann Ariola for her leadership in standing up to the City and State, as well as her honesty and cooperation. This is one of the greatest issues facing our communities. I was disappointed to only see Joann, the only elected official to take a stand for our communities, besides the office of Jamie Williams who is a commonsense Democrat from Brooklyn who opposes illegal immigrants in Floyd Bennett Field. Her office was represented by Donald Cranston.

None of us in Breezy Point or the Rockaways are happy with the Floyd Bennett Field Camp, and I am sure none of us are happy with New York City and State’s Sanctuary policies. As our Mayor and Governor encourage more and more illegal immigrants to pour into our city, Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul continue to push the narrative that New York is open for all who come across the border, and that the border should remain open.

Two points were brought up the most: How are people expected to feel safe in the Rockaways, especially in the summer, when the warmer weather will attract more illegal migrants from Floyd Bennett to the beach rather than into Brooklyn? The sad truth is simple: Until leadership in the City and State changes, and the laws are actually enforced, we will continue to have these problems. Policies like refusal to cooperate with ICE for deporting illegal immigrants who commit another crime, and State law of “No Cash Bail” or Catch and Release encourage those who commit small crimes to go back out into our communities and to do as they wish without being stopped or seriously punished.

New York must change course immediately. We have to elect people who will immediately begin to repeal pro sanctuary policies and soft on crime policies. My first priority will be to immediately attack these issues.

At the meeting in Rockaway on Tuesday night, after the crowd was told to try and “hold” trespassers on their property while we wait for the cops. I asked, “What guarantees do we have that if we try to hold someone until the police arrive, that we would not be subject to charges ourselves?”

We must remain vigilant and stay smart. We all support our police, but their hands are tied by City Hall and the State Legislature in Albany.

This leaves our general public wondering where our current legislators stand on public safety.

Tom Sullivan
Assembly Candidate

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