By Robin Shapiro

As we approach winter, it is time to think about closing some home water usage facilities and other things to get the house ready for the cold weather.  Sprinkler/ irrigation systems, outdoor showers, and water hoses will need to be shut down. A burst pipe from frozen water lines can be expensive to fix. Damage caused by the burst pipe can be devastating. Also, swimming pools both above ground and inground should be winterized. Some people are handy and do these chores themselves. However, many people hire plumbers, sprinkler companies, and pool experts to “batten down the hatches.” If you are in this hiring “mode,” then it’s probably a good idea not to wait until the last minute. Tradesmen can get really busy and may not be available when you need them most.

Here is a list of “my guys”:  Rockaway resident  Adam Magniccari (917-589-3363) at Solo Plumbing and Heating;  Andy (917-774-3929) at American Pools;  and Ken Miller (516-382-1871) at Country Green Irrigation. I use Rockaway resident Dom DiMaiolo (917-939-3049) for licensed electrical work. Call me. Love, Robin

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