CM Punk, Edge and Bray Wyatt News!!!

 CM Punk, Edge and Bray Wyatt News!!!

We start this week with news on CM Punk. By now, everyone knows about the incident CM Punk had with AEW’s Vice Presidents, “The Young Bucks,” which happened over a year ago. But tensions are still there as CM Punk has apparently not allowed Hangman Page, Christopher Daniels and Ryan Nemeth to be backstage during AEW “Collision” TV tapings, even as they were booked for the Collision Show. Also, according to sources who were inside the locker room, during a recent AEW “Dynamite” Show, CM Punk was seen confronting Ryan Nemeth. The two were observed exchanging choice words as CM Punk appeared to be very angry. This is still a developing story, and we will keep you posted.

WE superstar Edge has made it public that he will soon be retiring from professional wrestling. He made that announcement for the first time at a show last year (2022) in Toronto, Canada. So, fast forward to today, Edge is scheduled to make his final appearance on Smackdown on August 18, 2023, in (you guessed it) Toronto, Canada. His opponent that night will be Sheamus, but will this be his last match in the WWE? Reports coming in are saying yes, this will be Edge’s last match. We are going to wait and see!

Once again, the rumor mill has started turning with a potential return of WWE superstar Bray Wyatt back to the company. Apparently, the illness that Bray was suffering from is subsiding and he is getting better. There are reports from Bray Wyatt’s father Mike Rotunda, saying that the rumors of Bray Wyatt’s return are true. Also, reports are saying that he may be back as soon as this coming September 2023.

Speaking of rumors, we have heard that Triple H, is still very interested in signing current AEW superstar Kenny Omega. Now, we have heard tons of rumors and reports in the past about a possible WWE signing of Kenny Omega. But I have to be honest. I do see the WWE signing him in the future, but not anytime soon. My only concern about Kenny potentially going to the WWE, is that they would not utilize him correctly.

The Question of the Week comes from Gerry R., in Rockaway Park, and he asked, “Who is the biggest merchandise seller in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)?” Hey Gerry, that’s an interesting question, and currently from all the reports that we have gathered, it is LA Knight. His sales have gone through the roof the last several months, making him the number one merchandise seller. Cody Rhodes comes in a close second, followed by Roman Reigns in third place. Being the WWE’s top merchandise seller is a very important position to be in. It means you are the most popular performer and are definitely drawing in money for the company. Thank you for that question!

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