Coming Up: “A Rockaway Revue: Vaudeville Revived!”

 Coming Up: “A Rockaway Revue: Vaudeville Revived!”

Rockaway Times writers and seasoned entertainers Enchantress Shane Kulman and Dan Guarino present “A Rockway Revue: Vaudeville Revived!”

“Oh, it’s going to be quite a fun show!” say organizers Enchantress Shane Kulman and Dan Guarino as they invite all to take a front row seat for “A Rockaway Revue: Vaudeville Revived!” presented on Saturday, October 7 starting at 6 p.m. The freewheeling variety show will be performed live in the open air with the steps and lawn of 116-16 Rockaway Beach Blvd. as their stage.

The stately large blue house also serves as the headquarters of the non-profit Veteran In Command veterans’ group.

In true Rockaway fashion, “it’s BYOC,” says Guarino. “Bring your own chair. Or blanket!” Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase. Doors open at 5 p.m. Tickets are available at or donations can be made at the door. Proceeds go to the performers and to benefit Veteran In Command’s weekly food pantry.

“‘A Rockaway Revue,’ will feature about ten varied acts running from improv to comedy, dance, music, mime, dog acts and more. Keeping the excitement up, Kulman notes, “We’re having no rehearsals, everyone is gung-ho and talented, and excited for this first ‘Rockaway Revue!’ –with more to come!”

“I’m looking forward to fun and playfulness!” she says, “And the feeling of creative freedom in community…with a bit of edge pushing.”

Kulman and Guarino are each widely known not only as Rockaway Times writers, but also as seasoned entertainers in their own right.

“I’ve had a lot of fun,” Guarino says, “as an actor, singer/musician, dancer, spoken word performer, emcee and stand-up comedian. There’s always something new!”

Kulman notes, “I have done it all on the stage, and want to do more! Lately I’ve been enjoying doing stand-up shows. I’ve done a one-woman show, I’ve danced burlesque, spent time stripping, presented monologues, plays… and I might be forgetting a thing or two.” She’s also leading an improv workshop group days before and “thought wouldn’t it be fun to have them be in a vaudeville show, and tie it all together as a big storyline which will find its way into the show.”

Not giving away any surprises, Kulman says both are “allowing the inspiration to come the week of” regarding their performances for the show. “No spoilers,” Guarino adds.

Why vaudeville? “A friend played a record for me of vaudeville star Eva Tanguay singing ‘I Don’t Care,’ and from that moment on, I was in,” Kulman says. Researching and noting how many early Jewish performers got their start there, she says performing vaudeville makes her feel closer to her own roots, especially to her grandmother Ida.

“I love that, yes, it goes back,” Guarino says, “but like burlesque, it’s also being made new and more people are enjoying it for the first time. Plus I love the sheer variety! Anything can happen!” That includes a lot of participation making the audience part of the show.

Adding the arts to the evening, “A Rockaway Revue” will also feature an exhibition by Rockaway painting, sculpture, and collage artist Carolin Wood.

Both Kulman and Guarino say they are looking forward to a great show, great audience and great night. Asked what they’d like to say to people coming out for “A Rockaway Revue: Vaudeville Revived,” Kulman sums up by saying, “Let us entertain you, let us make you smile!”


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