Dipping Around the Beach!

 Dipping Around the Beach!

We put out a call for more plunge pics, as we couldn’t be everywhere at once, and boy, did you guys answer! Here are some more great pics sent to us from across the beach. From the New York Dipper Club’s big 9 a.m. dip on Beach 67th, to the Rockaway Hotel’s Beach 108th dip and Beach 127th’s annual plunge, many large groups took the dip together. But with such a big beach, the plunge can really happen everywhere. We also have dippers on Beach 121st, 128th, 134th, 137th and more here.

Photos by Adriana Farrell, Ilana Allegro, Dana Cornett, Leigann Cromie, Samantha Cintro, Jackie Cozza, Barbara King, Mike O’Donnell, Lauren Rafferty, Maria Tsamasiros and Casey Anne Fraser Vitale.

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