Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • Hippos are not native to South America but after Pablo Escobar’s four pet hippos were allowed to remain unfettered on his estate following his death in 1993, the population exploded. With no natural predators in the area, the hippo population had risen to over 100 by 2019.
  • There is an inland island in Canada that is larger in area than the lake in which it is situated.
  • In 2004, Yale students disguised themselves as a Harvard pep-squad and pranked Harvard fans into holding up placards as a crowd that together spelled “WE SUCK” at their own game.
  • North America beavers cannot breed with European beavers.
  • According to one study, Norway is ranked as the country least likely to be affected by climate change, and Chad is the most vulnerable.
  • Domestic sheep have evolved to require humans to shear them. Their wool never sheds unlike their wild counterparts.
  • The TV show “Scrubs” used a real phone number on an episode that went to a prepaid cell phone. As a joke, the cast would then take turns answering it when someone called.

            Facts by Sean McVeigh, factologist.

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