Mail Fraud Confirmed

Dear Editor:

(In reference to Dan Guarino’s check washing fraud article in the March 30 edition of The Rockaway Times) I sent two birthday cards and one letter to a loan company. All three had checks. No one ever received them. I sent a birthday card on March 5 and an Easter card on April 4. No one received them. Both had checks. I could not afford to put stop payments on all. Luckily, I write checks with pen that can’t be washed. So far, none of the original checks were cashed. I didn’t know what to blame: the mailbox on Newport Ave. and Beach 120th Street or the Rockaway Park Post Office. My daughter-in-law lives upstairs and has had two checks that were never received. I called the main Post Office and they said they will investigate. Still waiting.        

Georgianna Terra

Rockaway Stuff

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