Untrue Claim

Dear Editor:

I’m a long-time reader and big fan of The Rockaway Times, but I have to call out an overt untruth printed in the letter section of the April 13, 2023 edition. In the letter “GB Syndrome,” submitted by Joseph Mugivan, the writer suggests that Polio is not caused by a virus but is caused by exposure to DDT used in pesticides. This is blatantly untrue and is easily refuted. There is no scientific evidence that Polio is linked to exposure to DDT. Polio is in fact, caused by a single stranded RNA virus and is transmitted by oral contact with bodily secretions or fecal material from an infected person. Most cases are asymptomatic and live in the digestive system. Only 1% of polio virus infections enter the nervous system and become poliomyelitis. The vaccine for polio was introduced in 1955 and is directly credited with the disease being brought under control in America. The idea that FDR had GB Syndrome and not Polio is speculation at best and also can’t be proved.  

I realize that this letter was submitted by a reader, but it is demonstrably incorrect and warranted at least a footnote from the editor stating there is no scientific evidence of his assertion.  C’mon RT, keep it real!

Matt Charles

Rockaway Stuff

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