Ghost Car Crackdown Comes to Rockaway Bridges

 Ghost Car Crackdown Comes to Rockaway Bridges

Ghost cars aren’t so sneaky now. New York has launched a state and city task force to crack down on ghost cars, of those with fake or covered license plates to avoid tolls. On Wednesday morning, it was Rockaway’s turn with dozens of police officers from various state and city agencies stopping cars at the exit of the Marine Parkway and Cross Bay Bridges.

In an effort that began in March, state and city agencies have been organizing massive car stops at various bridges and tunnels around the state to stop cars with fake plates, covered plates, things like tinted windows and more. The various agencies have been making arrests, issuing summonses and even impounding vehicles depending on the severity of the infractions.

NYPD, the NYC Sherriff’s Office, state troopers and other agencies were posted on the Brooklyn and mainland Queens side of both bridges on Wednesday morning and afternoon, pulling people over, making arrests and issuing summonses.

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