Happy Trails

Dear Editor (Kevin Boyle):

Congratulations, Well done, and Godspeed!  From a former city boy and lover of the Rockaways where I have my most fond memories of life in NY, I have appreciated The Rockaway Times. It is from the way you and your columnists have always seemed to catch the true character of the peninsula, with a no BS, but at the same time respectful reporting and commentary of Rockaway life and issues.  I have broken my rule about no letters to the Editor twice now, both here.  That is a compliment to you.

Perhaps it is the DNA of being products of the Archdiocese and especially the parish and high school sports we participated in, likely even together unknowingly on occasion. The initiative to take this publication from creation through its development, and to keep a reader interested every week from a thousand miles away is noteworthy – at least to me and now hopefully to you and the Lazer. Please accept my thanks and respect for your fine creation and my appreciation for the values that you have always managed to reinforce in your works.

Great job and enjoy the next adventures.  And by the way, I wasn’t a fan of The Big Bang Theory either.

May the wind be always at your back …

John Auer

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