Holiday Parties

 Holiday Parties

By Beth Hanning

What is it about holiday parties that are different from parties that are held throughout the year? People seem to act differently around the holidays. Many times, partygoers will do things that they might not necessarily do. I think the holiday party came into the consciousness of popular culture after Elaine danced on Seinfeld.  Elaine was currently the boss at Jay Peterman, and when she tried to jumpstart the party by dancing, the party was shocked. Not only was Elaine a terrible dancer, she did not know she was a terrible dancer.  She lost all authority in the workplace and the workers mocked her behind their back as much as they could.

I am sure if I asked you if you had been to a holiday party where something interesting has happened, each reader would say yes. Seemingly normal people turn wild. I have been at holiday parties where people do things that I cannot write in a family newspaper.

The dancing is the part I love. I have had that moment similar to the workers at Jay Peterman, where that one person who you have never seen dance starts to do what they think is dancing. I have been speechless many times. Now, sometimes, these are people that you work with and their personality is very quiet, and all of a sudden, they are out of the classroom and they bust out of their shell. However, sometimes, it is someone you know quite well, and they have never danced at the events in your memory. Not only are they dancing, but also, they are “Elaine” dancing. The body is moving around in no synchronized manner and the arms are flailing.

While trying to analyze the behavior at these Christmas parties, my friends and I tried to answer why? Could it be we are getting dressed up? Could it be that we are going to a venue we do not usually visit? Maybe, the trip to Manhattan excites us too much? Be honest, how often do some of us go into Manhattan? I know I usually only get there a few times a year and I cannot remember the last time I was in Manhattan.

To be honest, I am afraid to go to my work holiday party. I am afraid what I would say to people after having a Christmas cocktail. I have not been to one in years. If you know me, you know why.

Thank you for all of your emails and comments regarding The Elf on the Shelf. People saw me this week and just said “pro” or “con” regarding their opinion and I knew what they meant.

Have a great week everyone. I would love to hear about your holiday parties!

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