Last Chemo for Rocco!

 Last Chemo for Rocco!

After a more than three-year battle with leukemia, Broad Channel resident Rocco Pisani had his last chemo treatment on Wednesday, August 23.

On May 15, 2020, at 10 years old, Pisani had his very first chemo treatment. He has since undergone 109 chemo infusions, 20 spinal taps, 60 leg shots, 14 blood transfusions, seven platelet transfusions, 11 visits to the ER, and two surgeries, and after 1,196 days, on Wednesday, Pisani went to Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center for his last chemo treatment. The momentous occasion for Rocco and Pisani family culminated in a block party celebration in Broad Channel afterwards.

Congratulations, Rocco! You’re truly an inspiration!

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