New City Lifeguards Set to Get Pay Bump

According to a March 28 article by Katie Honan of THE CITY, pay for first and second-year lifeguards is going up to $19.46 per hour rather than $16.10. This is in addition to a possible 3% salary boost under a contract agreement with the lifeguard union, District Council 37.

The bump in pay for new guards began last year as lifeguard numbers were at a low, and NYC Parks was trying to boost numbers amid a lifeguard shortage.

Returning lifeguards are also set to make a little bit extra this summer, but it comes with a catch. Returning guards must work at least four days a week through July 8 and August 19 to get a $1,000 bonus. Many will qualify, as NYC lifeguards tend to work six days a week.

“As we continue to build our lifeguard corps, we’re committed to supporting these critical staff who put their own safety at risk to save lives and make summer happen for millions of New Yorkers,” Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner Sue Donoghue told THE CITY in a statement.

This comes after NYC Parks’ January announcement that they’re easing the requirements for the initial qualifying test. Instead of swimming 50-yards in 35 seconds, this year, recruits just have to swim the 50 yards in 45 seconds to qualify for training. The final testing requirements to get hired remain the same.

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