News On The Rock, Kazuchika Okada & Scott D’Amore!!!

 News On The Rock, Kazuchika Okada & Scott D’Amore!!!

Welcome to another week of Wrestle Talk! Lots to talk about this week!

So, by now everyone already knows that The Rock has returned to the WWE, and he has sided with current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. During a recent WrestleMania 40 Kickoff event, The Rock and Roman Reigns did a face off against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, which led people to think that one of the Main Events would be a Tag Team Match featuring all four wrestlers. Roman Reigns is scheduled to defend his Universal Championship against Cody Rhodes at the upcoming Elimination Chamber Live Premium Event.

We have an update on NJPW Superstar The Rainmaker Kazuchika Okada and reports coming in all indicate that he will be signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Now, reports are not saying when he will be signing with AEW, but all feel confident it will be soon. We will keep you posted!

So, I’m going to take a moment to address this. Recently, we heard that Scott D’Amore, who has been running TNA Wrestling as their president for years now, was apparently dismissed from his position and is no longer working for TNA. There are now reports that the parent company of TNA, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, fired Scott because he was pressing Anthem Sports for a larger operating budget in order to bring TNA Wrestling to a higher stage for years. Eventually, Anthem Sports decided to part ways with Scott, which is a move I firmly don’t agree with. TNA Wrestling has grown leaps and bounds under Scott’s leadership, and all he wanted to do is make TNA Wrestling a bigger company. But it appears that Anthem Sports is fine with TNA Wrestling being a C Listed Show. This is very unfortunate because their current roster deserves so much more as they all perform extremely well and would benefit from having the company invest in them and make the product better. Losing Scott will be a huge blow to TNA Wrestling and I hope they eventually realize the potential they have to be a bigger company.

The Question of the Week comes from Anthony M. in Arverne By The Sea, and he asked, “What are your thoughts about The Rock becoming heel?” Hi Anthony, I actually like the fact he became heel, and I believe this will eventually allow us to see a match between The Rock and Roman Reigns. This is a match that has already been discussed for several years now. So, I’m going to enjoy watching The Rock heel it up and see the potential story of him versus Roman in the future. Thanks for the question!

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