Overcoming Challenges

 Overcoming Challenges

By Jennifer Kelleher

Recently, a friend gifted me a beautiful book called, “Daily Meditations For Practicing The Course,” written by Karen Casey. Student of “A Course In Miracles,” Casey explains in her introduction that she wrote the meditations in the book as a means to integrate the Course into her life in a practical manner.

In today’s column, I want to share a few of the teachings from Casey’s book that I have used over the past week to remain centered and calm during different real-life, stressful situations. I find many of the quotes from and inspired by the Course to have great depth, which is what makes them so powerful — it is magical to me when a concise sentence holds a world of wisdom.

Reminding myself during difficult instances of the three things that I am about to share provides me with an immediate shift in perspective and gathers me so that I can naturally take soul- aligned action.

The first reminder has to do with timing. “We are exactly where we need to be right now.” Casey writes, “There are no mistakes in what comes our way… When we doubt that we’re doing enough in any regard, this principle helps us quiet down and ready ourselves to peacefully do the next thing… It is comforting to realize there are no accidents, no coincidences happening in our lives… There is never a need for lamentations. If we haven’t fulfilled some task to our satisfaction, we can redo it.”

Another mentor of mine, Dr. Sue Morter, talks about this similarly, saying that our principal purpose is to be in the body. The body shows us exactly where we have to be and what we have to be addressing. If we were supposed to be somewhere else, we would be there. Our bright future is created by our loving presence, in this moment.

The second reminder is about problems. “Nothing is too big or hard or confusing for me to handle today if I seek the Holy Spirit’s help.” Casey uses the term “Holy Spirit,” but if that does not resonate with you, please feel free to put in what does (the Divine, Spirit, Love, etc.). She writes, “It is never too late to reject a familiar, unsuccessful approach, even while in the midst of the experience… Let’s waste no more time in chaos!”

The third reminder deals with action. “I will quietly think through an action before I take it today. I will ask myself, ‘Is this action loving?’” Casey says that “Every expression is either one of love or a cry for healing and help… every unloving action is always a cry for healing and help… [It is] our willingness to suspend all judgment and offer only forgiveness instead.”

When we are presented with difficulties in life, they can initially cause us to feel fearful and overwhelmed. However, I have found that taking life’s challenges head on leads to enormous growth, wisdom, and beauty. As we work through our challenges, we find pieces of ourselves that were lost, and we become more whole.

Personally, I can more easily see my obstacles as opportunities when I (1) remind myself that I am always exactly where I am supposed to be, (2) pray for guidance, and (3) take conscious action by slowing down and checking in to make sure that what I am doing is loving.

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