Plover Project & NPS Clean Up Breezy Point Tip

 Plover Project & NPS Clean Up Breezy Point Tip

On Saturday, February 24, a few dozen volunteers braved the cold and cleaned the coastline at Breezy Point Tip, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. The event was organized by NYC Plover Project and National Park Service and attracted not only NYC Plover Project volunteers but also Rockaway residents and New Yorkers from across the city.

The event was in part timed to get ready for the impending arrival of migratory beach-nesting birds which include American Oystercatchers, Least and Common Terns, and of course, Piping Plovers, who will begin to arrive this month.

“As we head towards our fourth season working with Gateway, we see the importance of connection of clean coastlines, healthy ecosystems and favorable nesting outcomes for beach-nesting birds,” said Chris Allieri, executive director, NYC Plover Project. “We have seen support grow for Plovers and other beach-nesting birds exponentially. We can all get behind a clean beach, which is healthier for us all.”

Participants removed hundreds of pounds of trash, much of which was plastic which washes up from the channel between Brooklyn and Queens. Future volunteer events will be advertised on Facebook and Instagram. Follow both organizations at @NYCPloverProject and @GatewayNPS to find out more.

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