Questions, Questions & More Questions 

 Questions, Questions &  More Questions 

Welcome to another week of Wrestle Talk! This week, we will answer some of your questions that were sent in.

The first Question of the Week comes from Davey K. in Rockaway Park, and he asked, “Who do you think will win between Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley?” Hi Davey, I will say that Rhea Ripley would win this match. Now, that’s not to say that Becky Lynch doesn’t have what it takes to beat Rhea. But, at this moment, Rhea has a major role in the WWE. She is basically unstoppable, and I’m looking forward to this match at this year’s WrestleMania 40. Thanks for the question!

The second Question of the Week comes from Kelly H. in Belle Harbor, and she asked, “When will Mercedes Mone finally debut for AEW?” Good Question, Kelly! I have received a lot of emails asking when she will make her debut for AEW and recently it was reported that she may be appearing on the March 13, 2024, Dynamite televised show which will be held in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. There are no other reports out there that indicate she will be debuting on a different date. Thanks for the question!

The third Question of the Week comes from Frederick L. in Far Rockaway, and he asked, “I read that Paul Heyman was being inducted at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2024.  What are your thoughts?” Hi Fredrick, and thank you for this question. I have mixed feelings about Paul Heyman but, without him, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) would have never happened. Without ECW, a lot of what we have seen in wrestling regarding shock value, superstars, unique hardcore matches and stories wouldn’t have existed. ECW was the rebel of professional wrestling, and so was Paul Heyman. I believe he is an evil genius mind when it comes to pro wrestling and is an incredible performer. I believe he has thrived very well in the WWE as a manager to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Does Paul deserve being inducted? I’m going to say No. The timing is wrong and I believe a couple more years need to pass before he is inducted.

The fourth and final Question of the Week comes from Stewart M. in Breezy Point, and he asked, “Any updates on a possible return of Kenny Omega to AEW?” Hi Stewart, at this time, what I’m hearing is that he may be cleared to wrestle around May 2024. There are reports that he was featured on posters for future AEW Shows that will be held in Canada. AEW Owner Tony Khan has recently said he didn’t have a clear timeline for Kenny Omega to return and did not want to create any expectations. So, we will have to wait until May and see if Kenny returns. Thanks for the question!

If you have a question or comment, please send it to and have a great weekend!

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