St. Camillus / St. Virgilius MVPs of the Week

 St. Camillus / St. Virgilius MVPs of the Week

Jenna O’Brien

Girls League

Jenna scored 26 of her team’s total of 56. Jenna’s long-range shooting is always good, but in this game, it was off the charts. She dropped six 3-pointers with three of them coming in the most critical part of the game. The Tan team made a huge comeback in the third quarter and continued to close the gap in the fourth quarter as well. Jenna singlehandedly held off this effort with eight huge points coming down the final stretch of the game which led her team to a close three-point win.


Mason Hance

Junior Boys League

Mason scored 26 of his team’s total of 41. Mason is one of the top players in the league, but on this night, he was really special. He can do it all. He can take it to the basket when the opportunity is there, and he can knock it down from long range if you give him any space at all. In this game his team trailed going into the fourth quarter. Mason’s eight points, and the fact that he calmly knocked down three foul shots during the last seconds of the game, was the key to his team’s three-point victory.


Brendan Rudolph

Senior Boys League

Brendan just gets better and better as the year goes on. He has now become one of the most dominating players in the league. He completely took this game over by dropping 24 points out of his team’s total of 55. He’s such a strong player he can pretty much score at will down in the post, but that’s not his only skill. He rips down rebounds on both ends of the court and when you think that keeping him out of the post is the answer you quickly learn that doesn’t work either, because he can shoot 3’s with the best of them. He led his team to a well-earned 12-point win.

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