RBAF & Local Salon Hosts ‘Free Haircuts for Autism Day!’

 RBAF & Local Salon Hosts ‘Free Haircuts for Autism Day!’

This past Sunday, April 14—Rockaway Beach Autism Families (RBAF) teamed up with local His & Hers Barbershop & Beauty Salon to offer free haircuts for over 20 individuals on the autism spectrum. For many ASD individuals, getting a haircut or even one’s hair washed can be an overwhelming experience, and in some cases, even intolerable.

At the event, beyond just a free haircut, both autistic children and adults were offered a sensory-inclusive experience with the stylists, who communicated with parents and were in tune with the sensitivities of their special-abled clients sitting in the chair. Also, all participants received a RBAF sensory-inclusive bag with fidget toys, doodling/coloring activity, giveaways and snacks. Additionally, lunch was catered from Kimo’s Kitchen and Elegante Pizzeria and Restaurant.

For His & Hers co-owner, David Mendizabal, also a Rockaway resident, it was a fulfilling day. “Though the day was challenging at times, it was at the same time fulfilling, and everyone at the salon was in great spirits at the end of the day. I attribute that to the fulfillment spiritually of what we were doing for the autism community,” Mendizabal shared.

One participant, six-year-old Journey, not only received a haircut, but also got her hair blow-dried and styled. Her mom said, “Thank you to Rockaway Beach Autism Families and the salon owners for putting together such a great experience for the children and continuing to make the autism community feel included and safe in a nonjudgmental space.”

His & Hers Barbershop & Beauty Salon is located at 92-03 Rockaway Beach Blvd. and is open Tuesdays through Sundays.

For more info about RBAF and upcoming events, including this Sunday’s (April 21) 2nd Annual Walk For Autism on the boardwalk, co-hosted with Rockaway St. Camillus Special Olympics, visit: rockawaybeachautismfamilies.org or follow: rockawaybeachautismfamilies on Facebook/Instagram.

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