Response on Migrants

 Response on Migrants

Dear Editor:

(In response to Ms. Larkin and the Rockaway Republican Club)

It is nice to know that you and the Rockaway Republican Club are aligned with most of Rockaway in thinking that Floyd Bennett Field isn’t the right place to shelter such a large group. But we are from Queens and not a very influential part of Queens. Floyd Bennett Field is Brooklyn, and we have no influence in what happens in Brooklyn.

Yes, diseases like Measles and Smallpox are on the rise. But it isn’t important how these diseases came into this country. What is important is why they are spreading, and that reason is anti-vaxxers. These diseases would disappear quickly if everyone was vaccinated.

It’s also nice to know that you, like most Americans, are for legal immigration. But the issue is illegal immigrants and how to solve it. You and Republicans claim the Biden Administration has an open border policy. While it is more open than the previous administration, it isn’t an open faucet and illegal immigration is down from the year before.

Most conservatives believe building a wall is the answer, but videos have shown people just climb over it, tunnel under it or cut a hole in it. A wall alone doesn’t work. You need people watching every part of the wall to catch people getting through. Building, maintaining the wall and manning the wall cost a lot of money. Money that the federal government doesn’t and with Republican policy of cut taxes will never have.

We must face the fact that if the U.S.A. is a better place than other places in the world, people will want to come there. Some will want to cut the line and do almost anything to get in. All we can really do is find a way to reduce the number of people who want to come here.

Mark Eidinger

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