Say No to City of Yes

 Say No to City of Yes

Dear Editor:

Navigating the scenic streets of District 23, I’m constantly reminded of our community’s spirit and historical richness. Our neighborhoods, with their lush backyards and welcoming homes, exemplify what makes our district uniquely captivating. Yet, the fabric of our cherished community is under unprecedented threats from high-density housing proposals and the encroachment of commercial businesses into residential zones. These challenges prioritize fleeting economic interests over the enduring wellbeing of our neighborhoods, undermining the quality of life that makes District 23 exceptional.

I am Tom Sullivan, a candidate for the New York State Assembly from District 23, a devoted family man, a seasoned businessman, and a proud Army Veteran with 30 years of service. My experiences have deeply ingrained in me the importance of preserving the sanctity of our residential communities. It is abundantly clear that our district craves representation that cherishes the delicate balance between environmental conservation, affordable housing, and the integrity of our residential neighborhoods—a balance sorely missing in our current governance.

Moreover, the shift towards transforming residential spaces into commercial properties exacerbates the strain from high-density development, threatening our community’s character and cohesiveness. Such commercialization prioritizes transient economic activities over stable, long-term community development, challenging the residential nature of our neighborhoods.

The consequences of this trend are profound: commercial enterprises can erode the residential quality of our districts, increasing traffic, congestion, and placing a strain on local resources designed primarily for residential use. This shift often inflates property values, leading to displacement of long-standing residents and erosion of our community’s social fabric.

Adding to these concerns, the City’s disregard for the growing needs of Rockaway’s residents is alarming. Despite an increase in population, there’s a stark refusal to add a new trauma center in the area. Our schools are overcrowded, yet the City’s response has been woefully inadequate, showing a preference for increasing density over expanding the capability to care for Rockaway’s residents. This lack of foresight and care for our community’s health and education needs is unacceptable.

As your representative, I will champion policies that restrict the conversion of residential areas into commercial spaces, ensuring that development projects respect and enhance our communities. It’s essential that development, when necessary, is community-led and focused on enhancing the residential nature of our neighborhoods.

Transparency, community engagement, and a steadfast commitment to preserving the identity and integrity of District 23 form the cornerstone of my platform. It’s time for leadership that not only values our neighborhoods but actively works to protect and enhance them. With your support, I pledge to maintain the character, safety, and quality of life in our district, ensuring it remains a place where families and communities can thrive.

Yours in dedication to our community,

Tom Sullivan

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