SFDS 4th Grade Girls Crowned Champs

 SFDS 4th Grade Girls Crowned Champs

The champs have been crowned! St. Francis de Sales’ 4th grade girls basketball team officially became champions in the Brooklyn-Queen CYO division.

We are Diocesan Champs for 4th grade Brooklyn-Queens CYO.

“The girls, all season long,  have grown as a team and beat, this past Sunday, St. Helen’s  22-16 at McClancy High School,” Coach Kerry Ann Brady said. “We added a few new plays into our game plan which helped us secure the win, and the girls, under pressure, played amazing. The family and friends that showed up to support us was just awesome. To play on such a big court with so many fans and through all the ups and downs of the game, they still remained poised under pressure.”

The big scorer of the game was Mara Brady with 16 points, while key baskets were also made by Mackenzie Capek, Isabella Maselli and Juliette Jamin, and it couldn’t have been done without the tenacious defense that helped SFDS stay ahead.

“Coach Mike Brenna and I are so proud of them,” Brady said. “They worked very hard all season long to get the Chip!”

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