The Weimaraner

 The Weimaraner

By Terri Estes

Here comes the Weimaraner!

Recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1943, the Weimaraner is a member of the Sporting Group. Males’ average height is 25-27 inches at the shoulder, weighing 70-90 lbs. and females’ average height is 23-25 inches, weighing 55-70 lbs.

Originally bred in Germany as a hunting dog, this breed is an all-purpose dog. It possesses speed, stamina, courage and most of all, intelligence. The Weimaraner also happens to be a stunner. These gorgeous dogs have been the subject of several famous artists for decades.

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Known as the grey ghost, this breed is grey or silver in color with deep amber or blue-grey eyes. They are lean and muscular with a short, silky coat and present a picture of streamlined grace and beauty.

Weimaraners make excellent family members and are great with kids. They crave affection and love to be with their people at all times. This breed is easily trainable but is sensitive and they do not respond well to negative reinforcement. Their coat is easy to care for and truly low maintenance. This breed does need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They are packed with energy and thrive on vigorous exercise and athletic activities. They love to swim and make great running partners. This breed also tends to have a high prey drive and may not be suited for a house with other small animals.

If you have an active household and are committed to keeping them physically active and mentally engaged, the Weimaraner could be the breed for you!


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