I have always wanted to have a skunk as a pet. They are so adorable and cute. No, I would never take a wild animal out of its environment and place it in captivity. Plus, my husband draws the line at skunks, but they are very mild mannered and can be domesticated, and did I say cute?

What about the smell, you may ask? Well, they don’t necessarily smell, but can spray a very potent odor when frightened. This spray is a skunk’s only line of defense. It also happens to be very effective. When a skunk feels threatened, it will emit this sulfur based oily spray directly at its predator with deadly aim. This spray is volatile, which means that its liquid form easily becomes a gas, and this gas can be smelled near and far. The animal that it was aimed at, usually retreats with burning eyes and nose, and an embarrassing stench that will linger for days. The bad news for skunks is that once they use their super stink power to ward off a threat, it can take up to 10 days for them to refill their glands with their life saving defense.

If you are walking along the boardwalk and you smell something that resembles skunk, it is definitely not skunk. There are no skunks in Rockaway.Many people think that the smell of marijuana smoke smells like skunk, and that is most likely what is offending your olfactory senses. I agree, they do smell similar, but personally, I would rather smell skunk. While there are no skunks in Rockaway, they are abundant in New Jersey and are thriving in the Pine Barrens of Long Island.

Skunks are beneficial to have around, as they feed on insects, grubs and even small rodents. They are generally nocturnal but will also venture out during the daytime. Yes, they may tip over garbage cans in search of tasty leftovers, but who can blame them. I am a big fan of any animal who eats insects, and I am a big fan of skunks!



Skunks are immune to rattle snake venom.


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