This Week in History


Carol Kelleher was born.

Jon Antis was born.

Matthew Courtney was born.


1814 – Francis Scott Key composed the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner.


September 15

Kathy Donohue Boyle was born.

Mary Edwards was born.

Michael Olsen was born.

Larry Gray was born.

Andy Cholakis was born.

Claire Resnick was born.

CJ Carey was born.


1789 – The U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs changed its name to the Department of State.



Amanda Agoglia was born.

Beth Murphy Ward was born.


1630 – The Massachusetts village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston.

1974 – President Ford announced conditional amnesty for Vietnam War deserters and draft evaders.



Jen Poyant was born.

Ozzie Edwards was born.

Andrew Kohler was born.

Cathryn Brown was born.

1908 – Lt. Thomas Selfridge, a passenger in a plane piloted by Orville Wright, became the first airplane fatality when the craft crashed.



Leah Shapiro was born.

Lisa DeFillipo was born.

Ricky O’Neill was born.


1851 – The first edition of The New York Daily Times, which later became The New York Times, was published.

1970 – 27-year-old rock star, Jimi Hendrix, died in London.



Kristin O’Grady-Franchock was born.

Joan Ward George was born.

Linda Gallagher-Lomanto was born.

Ed Murray was born.


1881 – President James Garfield died of a gunshot wound inflicted by a disappointed office-seeker the previous July 2.

1957 – The United States conducted its first underground nuclear test in the Nevada desert.


September 20

Melissa Taylor was born.

Jen Walls was born.

1998 – Baltimore Oriole shortstop Cal Ripken, Jr., sat out a game, ending his consecutive game playing streak. Ripken played 2,632 consecutive games over 16 seasons.

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