Updates On Will Ospreay, Bryan Danielson & Lance Anoai 

 Updates On Will Ospreay, Bryan Danielson & Lance Anoai 

Hey fans! Welcome to another week and I hope you all have been doing well. Let’s dive right into it!

We have an update from last week’s column regarding New Japan Pro Wrestling Superstar and current IWGP United Kingdom Champion Will Ospreay. As we have previously mentioned, Will’s contract with NJPW is set to expire in February 2024, and he is looking at the prospect of being offered contracts from the top promotions in the world. Right now, NJPW can come back with a big money deal to resign with them, and the WWE, AEW or IMPACT Wrestling can also start to offer lucrative contracts. But there’s one problem. Will has openly stated that he was not willing to relocate to the United States. But he is willing to work with an American company. So, where does this leave Will? Well, how about having Will work in the UK scene for NJPW, WWE, AEW or IMPACT Wrestling? There’s an idea and I hear that’s an idea that may be possibly explored further. We will keep you updated!

AEW Superstar Bryan Danielson has recently suffered an orbital eye injury that has put him on the disabled list for the rest of this year. At the same time, Bryan’s contract with AEW is scheduled to expire around the summer of 2024. As per the Wrestling Observer, “Bryan Danielson’s contract could be extended, but if Bryan wants to stop wrestling after his contract expires then Tony Khan, the owner of AEW, will not stand in his way.” Bryan suffered the eye injury during a recent televised tag team match on October 25, 2023.

Turning to Major League Wrestling (MLW), Lance Anoai, who is the cousin of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, has recently requested to be released from his current contract with the company. Now, this is leading to speculations that Lance may be potentially signed by another promotion, mainly the WWE. Lance has not been seen on MLW Television since this past July 2023. As per the writing of this column, he has not been granted his release. We will keep you updated on this developing story, as news of other Anoai family members asking for their release from contract is swirling.

This past week on AEW Collision, we got to see an incredible match between AEW Heavyweight Champion MJF and former champion Kenny Omega. I have to say, this was definitely a 5 Star Match, and we saw MJF come out victorious. Now, where does MJF go from here? Well, he is currently set to defend against Bullet Club Gold member Switchblade Jay White at the AEW Full Gear Live Event on November 18, 2023. This is a match I will not miss!

The Question of the Week comes from Nick P. in Rockaway Beach, and he asked “Hi Eric, love your articles, look forward to them every week. My question this week is, when is Eric Draven coming back to wrestle?” Hey Nick, that’s a great question! For everyone to know, that used to be one of my wrestling gimmicks a long time ago. Sadly, I have hung up my boots, and I am no longer an active pro wrestler. Unfortunately, due to my previous illness, wrestling is no longer an option for me. But I appreciate your question and you brought a huge smile to my face! I do enjoy writing these weekly columns and will continue as long as they have me.

If you have a question or comment, please send it to eavil183@yahoo.com and have a great weekend!

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