Volleyball Champs Announced

 Volleyball Champs Announced

It’s been almost three weeks since the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League season came to an end, leaving the teams already dreaming of next year.

On Saturday, August 12, the season culminated with the much-awaited championship games. Rain caused a few disruptions, but overall, it was a hot, sunny day of spikes and serves. However only a select few would go home victorious, and with a coveted RBVL sweatshirt.

According to the RBVL Committee, the champions this year were as follows: In the Ocean division was Bungalow Bar, Ocean Breeze was Pico, Wave was Drink Rockaway, Beach was Stale Biscuit, Beach Breeze was 5-Rock, Boardwalk was Danger Zone, Sun was Leo’s Tavern, Sun Ray was Harbor Light Sand Sharks, Moon was Suns of Beaches and Star was the Belle Harbor Yacht Club.

Congratulation to all the winners! For more results and info about RBVL, check out: www.rbvl.com


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