Waterside & JUMP Team Up to Give

 Waterside & JUMP Team Up to Give

Waterside Children’s Studio School and JUMP Dance recently teamed up on a food donation event to help teach kids about the spirit of giving.

On Thursday, November 16, the first-grade class from Waterside took a class trip to JUMP Dance Studio on Beach 116th Street, with food items in hand, to donate to two local food pantries ahead of the holiday season. The first-grade class was led by Ellen McDonagh and met with Michelle Admoni to collect the food at the studio. “They’re going to learn what it means to give to their community and be inspired to continue for the rest of their lives, helping out in their community,” Michelle Admoni said.

Mike Lee of The Graybeards came to pick up the boxes of food donations to deliver the to the food pantries.

“Thank you from all of us at JUMP to all the staff that came to help from Waterside, and the staff at JUMP as well for coming to assist,” JUMP owner, Juliette Admoni said.


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