Lucky Liam Gala Set for December 1

 Lucky Liam Gala Set for December 1

On Friday, December 1, 2023, the Cri du Chat Research Foundation (CDCRF) will celebrate its Annual Lucky Liam Gala at the Dyker Beach Clubhouse in Brooklyn. The event is held in honor of Liam Leston, age 10, who lives with Cri du Chat syndrome (CdCS, also referred to as 5p Minus Syndrome), along with the many children and adults impacted by this syndrome.

Liam was born with this rare syndrome, a severe rare neuro-developmental syndrome that is caused by a deletion of genes on the 5th chromosome. It impacts 1 in 15,000 newborns annually, and the Leston family, who spends their summers in Rockaway, was unfortunately impacted by this illness.

The Syndrome causes many challenges, including muscle weakness and coordination deficits, apraxia of speech, swallowing issues and autism. Some children have major organ involvement such as heart and kidney disease or suffer from brain seizures.  At just three months old, Liam started physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/feeding therapy, all of which have continued through his lifetime. All individuals with Cri du Chat require lifelong support even with today’s interventions and therapies.

The Cri du Chat Research Foundation is committed to developing a medical treatment, such as a Gene therapy (replacing or repairing the function of a targeted gene or genes by introducing specific genetic material) or RNA therapy (a new class of medication, like the coronavirus vaccines) which would create an impact at the genetic level for the CdCS Individual to minimize or possibly cure symptoms of Cri du Chat Syndrome. The current advancement of these technologies are truly cutting-edge and scientists are working to develop treatments and cures for neuro-developmental diseases, like Liam’s.

The Lucky Liam Gala at the Dyker Beach Golf Course (1020 86th St, Brooklyn) on December 1 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. will serve as a fundraiser to support the foundation. Tickets are $175 a person or $1,500 for a table. The night includes a cocktail hour, dinner, dessert, a four-hour open bar, live music and a DJ, plus raffles and a silent auction to help raise more money for the cause.

Tickets can be purchased at: Direct donations can be made through Venmo to @CDCRF


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