We Need Choice

 We Need Choice

Dear Editor:

Public school systems are failing our children, and we need an alternative solution! The Rockaway Republican Club believes the best option for our kids is the implementation of school choice. Why should we support school choice? It is because the stats show it is extremely beneficial to students and the schools themselves!

Out of 17 empirical studies examining the effect of school choice programs on private schools, 11 found improved test scores among students. Over 21 studies were conducted on its effect for public schools, with 20 of them finding improved academic outcomes for students!

There were 28 studies conducted on the effect of school choice on taxpayer savings and 25 of them concluded that school choice saves taxpayers money. None of these studies found any negative fiscal impact of implementing a school choice program, so there is no harm financially to implement it! Ten studies were conducted of its effect on racial segregation with nine of them finding that school choice moved students into less segregated schools! Students enrolled in school choice programs were also 99% more likely to enroll in four-year colleges and up to 56% more likely to earn bachelor’s degrees than children without a school choice program. The evidence is overwhelming, school choice works! So let’s start improving the future of Rockaway today!

Katie Larkin

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