By Robin Shapiro

The pocket listing is not a new invention. It can be described as a property which is not officially for sale. Then what is it? The seller does not want his house “on the market.” He/she wants to avoid the hassle of constantly showing the home – but, it is for sale at the right price. 

The pocket listing is not specifically described in a broker’s website or print advertising in order to preserve seller anonymity. The broker does not host any open houses at this listing. The seller is usually looking for a strong buyer who is ready to act fast. The seller is looking to avoid any low ball offers made by buyers looking for bargains in this difficult market. (Remember, brokers are obligated to “present” ALL offers to their sellers). 

The pocket listing isn’t the best way to sell a property. It requires the broker to play “matchmaker” – which can be hard to do EXCEPT – I am good at it!  I have sold pocket listings and I have a few of them now. Give me a call.  Love, Robin. 

The Passover holiday began last night, April 5. It ends Thursday night, April 13. No work is permitted for the observant on April 6, 7, 12 and 13. Tomorrow is Good Friday and Easter Sunday is this Sunday, April 9. Happy Holidays to all!

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