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We have so much going on in the wrestling world, so let’s dive right in!

We have news from the WWE that its Chief Content Officer “Triple HHH” was not at this past week’s Monday Night Raw show because he had tested positive for Covid. As, reported by PWInsider, Triple HHH was said to be not feeling well but is in good spirits. He was in contact with WWE’s producers and writers, before the show went live on the air. He is expected back once he tests negative.

Former WWE Superstars The Singh Brothers have officially made their debut for All Elite Wrestling as the Bollywood Boyz. They were released from the WWE in June 2021, and have mainly worked for independent promotions. It was great seeing the Bollywood Boyz in AEW and I hope they get signed to long term contracts.

Congrats to Ronda Rousey for becoming the new Smackdown Women’s Champion after defeating Liv Morgan with a Triangle Choke at this past week’s WWE PPV event “Extreme Rules” and what is further interesting about her win, is that we will see Ronda working as a “Heel” pushing forward. I enjoy watching her work heel.

For those of you that have been asking about former WWE Superstar Sarah Logan, well, we have news that she is expected back to the WWE very soon, as part of the Viking Raiders tag team. Sarah was released from the WWE in late 2020 and was seen at this year’s Royal Rumble.

The Question of the Week comes from my two favorite guys, the James Boys in Rockaway Park and they asked, “Do you think Bray Wyatt will have a tag team partner in the future?” This is a tough question, boys, as I believe the whole “Wyatt6” hashtag is meant to indicate that there will be six new members to his faction. Right now, these are the names I believe can possibly join the Bray Wyatt group—Liv Morgan, Karrion Kross, Bray’s brother Bo Dallas or the returning Gallows and Anderson. The list is long and the possibilities are endless. Whoever joins Wyatt6, it will most definitely make for some interesting storylines. Thanks for the question boys!

Keep sending those questions in to eavil183@yahoo.com and have a great weekend!

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