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Boyle Rebuke

Dear Editor:

(Regarding last week's Boyleing Points).

The Ringling Bros. Circus ended because it too was, in fact, barbaric.  And that is not “friggin' awesome.”  If we teach kids that animals are there for our entertainment and pleasure, then they will grow up thinking that the world owes them something, and everyone and everything is for their amusement.  If we teach them that animals are sentient, intelligent creatures that experience love, fear and suffering, kids will grow to respect the planet and the life it gives.  Humanity is not where it is today because we have too much respect, compassion and empathy towards our fellow living beings.  We are where we are because there is too little.

Steve Bonica


Secret Response

Dear Editor:

(Regarding the “Secret Group of Rockaway Women” article).

A long time ago women received the right to vote, and if I'm not mistaken. They're mistaken. They have successfully run for public office, rose to high ranks in the military, have become CEOs of major corporations and are capable and have a right to do anything in this country a man can do. And they can do a few things a man cannot do, like give birth and have an abortion. Personally, I have never thought of women as being either inferior or treated less kindly than men, and if either sex wants to whine about their privilege..., but to complain that "Rockaway is an embarrassing red spot in the middle of NYC," these secret women demean their message by criticizing those they don't agree with. They want their message to be recognized, but only "their" message. They contradict themselves.

Oh, and one other thing, if they don't want to live in "red" Rockaway, they can always move to a blue spot where they don't have to live in fear.

Seamus Lang


Dear Editor:

(Regarding the “Secret Group of Rockaway Women” article).

I applaud the Rockaway women who have banded together in opposition to Trump, but regret that they feel they have to meet in secret.  Secrecy, fear and intimidation are what demagogues count on, and I believe that the only way to counter them is to publicly raise our voices in opposition.  I believe that by publicizing their group, these women will attract many more like-minded members of our community. 

Carol Scott


Dear Editor:

I want to respond to this paragraph taken from your recent article about a secret (liberal) group of women in Rockaway.

“We became a secret group because there are a lot of women who are born and raised here with families who are very pro-Trump,” said one member. “We just wanted to come to a safe place where we could voice ourselves without backlash or being shunned.” Another attendee added, “Rockaway is an embarrassing red spot in the middle of NYC. The people on my entire block are Trump supporters.”

I find the above paragraph from that article to be a "shot across the bow" to us real locals, it's filled with vinegar. It’s the same self-absorbed behavior we've come to know from many liberals.  I know to most of the newbies moving here from Williamsburg via the Midwest somewhere, we are a bunch of knuckle draggers. It says we are embarrassing too. Nice to know.  How wonderfully hypocritical it is, to paint this town as embarrassing because of how a majority may have voted, without caring maybe why. I wonder how many of the women in this secret group have a new business here? I'm willing to guess quite a few. Maybe you should think about who is supporting your store especially during the quiet winter months here. Think about making an entire population of this town feel welcomed to use your services or shop in your boutiques. Or you could call us embarrassing. Your call.

I will also say that there should be a certain respect paid to the people who have lived here for generations: those who are born and raised here. We've been here through the bad times and have a true love of Rockaway, which you will never ever have or understand.  Take a seat and be respectful.

I will let you know this born and raised Rockaway person is afraid to publicly voice their moderately conservative views, along with many of my friends. They are afraid of a backlash as well from liberals. It goes both ways.

Growing up in Far Rock, maybe some newbies from this group don't know where that, is but us real locals call the east end: downtown or Far Rock. I most definitely am a person who leans more towards a "left" point of view. But I have some conservative views sprinkled in as well. I voted for Obama. I feel he let me down. I did not vote for Trump, but I agree with some of the things he wants to do. I have a mind that thinks independently and I always look at both sides of things. Maybe some of the women in this secret group should try that out.

I used to think the Democrats were the good guys. The Jedi’s. However, the last eight years have changed the Democratic Party into mostly (I won't lump all into a box like all of Rockaway was lumped together by the above statement), a finger-wagging, insufferable, intolerant, socialist, and hypocritical bunch of people. Yes, you secret group (most) of you are intolerant.

Name Withheld


Stop The Bus (SBS)

Dear Editor:

SBS is the worst idea that could happen to South Queens.

As I have read, Rockaway needs much better transportation. Something else should be done, not SBS. The whole idea will destroy our corridor. We are unique in the fact that no other place where SBS is, only has one way to go from south to north. The traffic is already so congested with so many UPS trucks, large flatbed trucks, other large trucks, large and small vans, so many school buses, and of course all the cars.

We do NOT have a very big bus service. If you have to wait for a bus, you can wait up to 45 minutes, even longer. During the morning rush hour, there are more busses. There is never a problem getting to the train station. The buses move smoothly with the rest of the traffic at that time.

Why do they want to waste all this money, upset our lives and put us in such a dangerous situation? Removing our bus stops is the biggest waste of money and it will make a mess of our lives. Having people wait in the middle of the street and taking away more traffic lanes is insane. This is something we DO NOT NEED or want. Our traffic will be at a standstill. Remember, there is no alternative route.

SBS will never be something good for the hard-working people of south Queens, it will be harmful. Why don't you put it on Queens Blvd., where most of the people don't have cars and there are many more people who use buses?

Madeline Lovallo


Park That Idea

Dear Editor:

The City should immediately de-map the seven acres of "park land" covertly amputated from the Rockaway Beach Railroad, scrap the ill-conceived and unwanted SBS plan, and instead reconstitute fast electric rail service. Buses are CO2 polluting and very limited in passenger capacity. Dead-end technology is certainly NOT the way of the future. Neither are skateboards, rickshaws, and roller skates. The notion of the City throwing over $100 million at the "Queensway," which will see only limited use by only a very narrow bandwidth audience, is absurd on its face from a cost/benefit perspective. Queens has an exploding population, and is in desperate need of improved mass transit. How about better utilization of the massive parks already in Queens: Flushing Meadows, Cunningham, Alley Pond, etc.?

Robert Diamond


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