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 Dear Editor:

I am thoroughly enjoying the series "Big Dan" here in the Rockaway Times.  The compelling writing of Katie McFadden makes it feel like I'm reading the script for an upcoming Netflix series, but unlike Netflix there is no "Binge Reading." You have to wait for the following Thursday to catch the next segment in this engaging series.

Like many others, I'm a transplanted Brooklynite here in Rockaway, but unlike most I grew up in Red Hook, Brooklyn during the '60s. If you saw someone you didn't know, they were either visiting someone or they were "lost." Believe me, Red Hook was not a "destination" back then. I remember the adults organizing to fight against the (two) fare zone we live in even though we were only two to three miles from Downtown Manhattan.  Naturally, our pleas fell on the deaf ears of the politicians and bureaucrats. While the cause was well intentioned, Red Hook remained a (two) fare zone.

As I have read in this series that Rockaway/Broad Channel had a community leader that approached the bureaucrats with the attitude of "I know you're not listening, but we are going to make you listen." Treasure that leader and rally around them because together you will truly make positive changes for the community.

Can't wait for this Thursday to pick up a copy of the next segment of Big Dan!

Kevin Dowler

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