New Hospital Needed

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 Dear Editor:

When I saw Rep. Meeks had secured funds for healthcare, I thought, oh, we’re going to get a new hospital? Silly me, a short way into the article, I saw its only funds for Addabbo Center and St. John’s Hospital. Well, what about us uptown? Don’t we count? Besides the doctors’ group on Beach 105th Street, plus a handful of urgent cares, that’s it. From Rockaway Beach up to Breezy, we have zilch. With all the still vacant land in Rockaway Park, surely, we could have a hospital of our own. Also, there’s certain buildings like the old St. John’s Home on Beach 110th Street. That’s a possibility or the former Stella Maris High School. Or what about all the vacant lots on the beach blocks on 114th Street and 115th Street. Some of these old shacks go back to 1850. The city could declare eminent domain, demolish whatever is left and put up a hospital. There, we could have a brand-new hospital and get rid of a bunch of old eyesores to boot.

 James Murray

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