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 Dear Editor:

Like many in the Rockaways, I heard that the beaches from Beach 116 to Beach 90 will be closed for most of the summer. Screaming, stamping your feet, contacting our local city representatives or writing letters to the Editor of the local papers will not change the Parks Department schedule of beach closings. The loss of revenues will. I suggest that the businesses that have the leases at the concession stands demand that their leases be renegotiated. That the terms of the original agreement have changed or that the Parks Department had not fully informed them that the beaches would be close thus affecting their projected revenue and their bid.

It is said, words are mightier than the sword. In a disagreement, money talks.

Mark Eidinger

 (Editor’s note: The suggestion is appreciated, Mark! To clarify, more developments have occurred and the beaches from Beach 90th to Beach 116th will only be closed to water access up until July 15. The sand will be accessible, and full access to sand and water will be available after July 15. Parks has also agreed to not charge rent for the concessions, each day that the beaches are not fully open).

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